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Malaysian Remy Full Lace Wigs CHARACTERISTICS: Luxurious feel. Gorgeous, high quality. Malaysian hair is coarse, yet finer and lighter than Chinese hair. Manageable. Holds curls well. Truly outstanding. Malaysian hair processes curls particularly well- with our Nadira, Azura and Moseka units offering the most amazing curls we've been able to achieve in any hair type. Malaysian hair is generally dark brown, sometimes a bit lighter at the ends. Some naturally wavy Malaysian hair is available, but virgin Malaysian hair is generally naturally straight. Naturally straight Malaysian hair may have a gentle "bend" or very loose wave and remains the same texture after being wet. Does not swell or frizz in humidity.
PROS: Malaysian hair is one of the most sought after hair types- it is sleek and manageable without having a shiny doll hair look. It is flattering to women of all ethnicities. Does particularly well when processed for African American Relaxed textures- providing thicker follicles and a natural look that is outstanding.
CONS: Most expensive of the three primary hair types. Shop our Virgin hair wigs


Chinese Hair Full Lace Wigs CHARACTERISTICS: Chinese hair is known for its sleek manageability and strength. It's slightly coarser than other Asian hair and the hair follicles are thicker. Chinese hair is sleek and manageable without having a shiny doll hair look. Thicker follicles than Malaysian and Indian hair. Coarse. Low luster. Excellent match for African Americans. Consistent quality. Chinese hair ranges in color from off black to dark brown. It is naturally straight and does not wave up after being wet. Does not swell of frizz in humidity.
PROS: Like Malaysian hair, it is very well behaved. It doesn’t pouf or puff the way Indian hair does after a while. It’s relative coarseness and thicker follicle make it an excellent match for African American wearers. Extremely strong hair. Can be processed from virgin near black to platinum blond. The only hair type that can withstand extreme processing without degrading the hair quality.
CONS: Styles well, but may not hold curl as well as other hair types. Shop our Chinese remy wigs


Indian Remy Full Lace Wigs This is hair from India, which is generally similar in texture to European hair. People from India are Caucasians, and therefore their hair is finer in texture than most Chinese hair. This hair is in high demand for making high quality wigs because of its length, softness and wonderful textures.

Indian Remy hair is distinct from Virgin Indian hair. Indian Remy is generally "temple hair" collected in Southern India, with hair from several donors in each wig. Due to mixing of different hair, cuticles are removed to avoid tangling.

CHARACTERISTICS: Fine follicles, smooth hair that is highly adaptable to color and texture processing. Holds curls very well. Works very well with all ethnicities. Indian hair is the standard in the wig and hair replacement industries.

PROS: It is widely available, takes textures and color well. Holds curl when styled.
CONS: Quality level varies significantly. Because unprocessed Indian hair often has a lot of natural texture, after it has been processed, this hair will often swell or pouf over time as it reverts to its natural texture. Shop our Indian hair wigs


Virgin hair is hand selected single donor hair and is of the highest quality because unlike processed hair, inconsistencies in color and texture cannot be masked by color or perming. It is high quality healthy hair that takes highlights well and withstands heat styling with high temperature styling tools. This is 100% natural unprocessed hair that will take highlights well and will retain its luster since it has not undergone any harsh chemical processing.
CHARACTERISTICS: Excellent natural textures ranging from straight to tight curly. Virgin curly Indian hair is expensive and relatively rare. Virgin Indian naturally straight hair is extremely fine and well suited for Caucasians. High quality Indian virgin hair is increasingly difficult to find.

PROS: Greatest variety of natural textures of any of the three main hair types.
CONS: Difficult to procure in virgin textures. Can be very expensive. Shop our Virgin hair wigs