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No one will ever compliment you on your Ruth’s Beauty wig, but they will say that you have beautiful hair.

Women wear wigs for many different reasons. Some just want a change in hairstyle or color, some women cover their hair for religious reasons, some experience hair loss with age and others suffer from serious illnesses such as cancer. Whatever the reason, Ruth’s Beauty can help you find the perfect high quality human hair wig for you.

The key to creating natural wigs that look like they are growing from your scalp is light density and delicate baby hair around the hairline and excellent base materials that are lightweight and breathable. This ensures the cap is feather light and comfortable to wear. The caps are not detectable and our full lace caps can be parted anywhere and worn in a ponytail. Even the parts on our wigs look 100% natural.

      • We don’t use synthetic hair.
      • We don’t use hair that has been stripped of its natural cuticle.
      • We don’t mass produce wigs.
      • Each wig is lovingly and meticulously made by hand.
      • Each custom wig is made just for you.
      • We use the best hair in the world because nothing less would do!

Every aspect of Ruth’s Beauty is organized around a single purpose- bringing you beautiful hair that makes you look and feel gorgeous.  

All of our wigs are meticulously made by experienced wigmakers securing one or more hair strands at a time to the base. This knotting technique creates a multi-directional hairstyling, with a natural hair flow.  This careful construction can take anywhere from 40 to 80 hours depending on the hair and base materials used. 

 We invite you to experience the Ruth's Beauty difference and shop in the privacy and comfort of your home.  All packages are shipped discretely so your beauty is your business!