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The appearance of knots and the grid pattern from the lace is the biggest challenge for new lace wig wearers, second only to finding the right adhesive. Silk tops are also referred to as hidden knots or silk injection. It is a process where knots are made beneath a layers of opaque silk, resulting in a "scalp" appearance. This eliminates the need for time consuming and complicated "bandage wrap" methods. Silk tops are a great option because they eliminate the problem of bleaching knots and hiding the grid pattern. Some customers get so excited when they try silk tops for the first time that they immediately inquire about having a full cap silk top. However, due to the expense and the discomfort, most companies will not produce full cap silk tops. (Hint: if you need more parting space, ask for a 5" x 5" silk top square on your custom wig.) Stock wigs generally come with light brown lace or silk, which can easily be dyed using Rit Dye or a Fabricmate marker. Silk tops do cost more- adding t least $60 to the price of your unit, but they are worth the extra expense! Give it a try- you'll love the natural look and the trouble free application.