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We only repair units purchased from Grace Lace Wigs.

Please submit this form once completed AND include a printed copy with your unit once sent for repair. Please allow up to eight weeks for completion of repairs.

We offer services ranging from basic detangling to major repairs and alterations. Our services include:

  • --re-ventilation - adding more hair to balding or thin areas on your wig
  • --repairs to the lace or other cap material
  • --the addition of baby hair
  • --wig restoration: re-texturizing the hair to bring back the original curl texture

All repairs must be paid for in full prior to any services being performed.

All products MUST be thoroughly cleaned and have no glue or residue for a repair. We CANNOT repair wigs that are not cleaned properly and will return the wig to you at your expense. Repairs typically take up to eight weeks to complete.